Essential Oils Tip: How to Make Roll On Bottles

My daughter confided to me yesterday that “those oils are kind of okay, mom!” Since that was like opening a door for me, I went on in and asked her to elaborate. What did she like? What didn’t she like?

She said she did not like when I used them in my diffuser because then they were all over the air. She did admit though that they worked the other night when she complained of her throat feeling all tight and it hurt to swallow. I asked my Young Living Sponsor what she suggested and she said to take a drop of Thieves on the tongue – she warned me about the strong cinnamon taste – and then massage a drop or two along her jawbone. My daughter did not like the taste at first but admitted the pain and discomfort did go away. She then said she thinks – given her limited experiences so far – that she prefers to use the essential oils topically.

Topically. Why not use them like the roll on perfume bottles my mom used to get from Avon? But how do i make them? Well, I found a great YouTube video by Sage Marie that explained how to create my own roll on bottles!

I found it most helpful. Please feel free to take a moment and share your experiences in the comments below.

(c) Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016