Jeanne’s Journeys: God’s Country

by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

Part of my role as Editor and Publisher is going around to various shows and promoting Therapeutic Thymes. My husband – and my IT & Logistics guy – almost always joins me. We meet the most wonderful people and see the most incredible places on or travels. I decided it was time to start a web-exclusive column journalling those travels.

Susquehanna River 3 August 2018 by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman
Susquehanna River 3 August 2018 by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

Friday, we left Lancaster en route to Coudersport for the Frosty Hollow Herb Fair (held yesterday).  We came up a day early to get settled and I wanted to pop in and meet/chat with some of our distributors up this way. That, and I wanted to stop near Liverpool on the way up. There’s this little rest area on 11 & 15 where I can usually dip my toes in my (Susquehanna) River. With all the rain lately though the access was roped off. She was running high and fast. There is just something about the Susquehanna that quiets my soul and relaxes me. We used to come up to Daddy’s cabin in the summers growing up and stop sometimes at this rest stop. His cabin was in Cross Forks in Potter County and it is so gorgeous there. There is an obvious reason this area is called God’s Country.

Bald Eagle State ParkSo fast forward before this becomes a book in and of itself, Glenn (hubby) suggested we try a “new” route, a “scenic” route. The next thing I know we are on top of the Bald Eagle State Park. Beautiful vista. We saw a doe and her fawn. I was very thankful the rain had stopped finally, that no one else was driving that one lane oil and chipped roadway, and that Michael (Daddario Auto & Tire in Lancaster) had fixed our air conditioning earlier in the week.  Along Route 144, while there was a bit of standing water on the road, the breathtaking image was the water running off the side of the mountain. Just incredible seeing the force of Nature.

We came into a little village – Germania – where we stopped at the general store / cafe / real estate office. Up  here, like many small towns, people tend to wear many hats. We met Brenda Adams there. She owns the store and cafe. She is also the local real estate lady. Very friendly. Love the “old time” feeling of the store. If you have a nostalgic bone in your body, this is a must stop on your travels. While there, I bought the History of Germania. Brenda said it supported the Ladies Auxiliary. The town’s history is interesting and I will most likely delve into it at some point on my genealogy site. Genealogy has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember.

From there, we traveled to Coudersport. Our first stop was the in, just to check in and confirm our lodging, and because it was the first stop we passed. It was clean. The steakhouse attached to it was great but the internet – wow. In town we stopped on Main Street, at the Potter County Artisan Center (PCAC), which is also home to the Coudersport Chamber of Commerce. So many artisans were featured there. There was local honey, jewelry, pottery, books, and of course Therapeutic Thymes Magazine is sold there too! Our next stop, also on Main Street, was the Hidden Passages Book Store. What an incredible place! She’s an artist (jewelry, paintings, everything). He is on the local borough council and is a bibliophile. Bryan (the owner) and Glenn engaged in a conversation that covered almost every genre of  books.

We didn’t find too much to do in town, even on a Friday night, but that was okay. We were pretty tired and needed to rest up for the Herb Fest. That and the Steakhouse closed at 9.  Internet up here is spotting (though I’m writing this at Fezz’s Diner during breakfast Sunday before we head out) but all in all, this has been a great trip! Looking forward to the next time up here. Later today, I will post about the Herb Fair at Frosty Hollow and our Sunday adventures!

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