Jeanne’s Journeys: Martinsburg to Johnstown

WP_20180909_10_51_06_ProThis past Sunday, we were at the Awake Holistic Show in Martinsburg, WV. It was the second year for the show but our first time in West Virginia. While the rain, I’m sure, may have held some people back, it was still well attended and of course, is still growing. We love the connections we make at the various shows we attend and this one was no different. One connection was with Rebecca Oubouzar, of Raven’s Own. Rebecca is writing an article for Therapeutic Thymes on the Kabyle, and their Kahina Stones.

We were supposed to be outside vendors and I am so grateful Melody found room for us inside. We were tucked in on the side between the one hallway to the restroom and the speakers’ room, so we had a constant – no pun intended – flow of traffic by us.

WP_20180911_09_28_27_ProMonday – yesterday – we traveled from Martinsburg, WV to Johnstown, PA. I wanted to check out Berkley Springs, WV on the way through. I had heard about the natural springs there, which I will definitely have to check out next trip. Driving through town, I noticed Portals A New Age Shoppe. I could have easily spent most of the day here! Located at 21 North Washington Street, this shop offers crystals, runes, pendulums, herbs, candles, jewelry, books, tarot cards, and more. So much more! They also have an in-house tarot reader, should you stop in and want a reading.

We then lunched at Tari’s A Premiere Café & Inn, located right next door to Portals. It was a decent, well priced lunch. Our waitress was great. Serving portions were a nice size. Glenn actually took half his sandwich to go! I – being the picky eater I am – only had a small piece of grilled chicken with bacon, no roll and no toppings. It was not exciting but that was me not a reflection of Tari’s. The décor was an interesting mix of the ages. There are three eating areas: the barroom, the restaurant, and the gallery. We definitely recommend stopping here, if you pass through town.

After lunch, we started back on the road to Johnstown, PA. Since time was not a factor, we decided to opt out of tolls and major highways. Our route took us through some small towns and villages. It took us through some places that would make a hamlet seem large. We went through Burnt Factory, WV on Route 522 out of West Virginia. We crossed the Potomac River on the West Virginia/Maryland line, making comments about the rising water and how fast she was flowing. The rivers we crossed yesterday were not our problem. No, our problem came on some minor road, between cornfields. I have no photos to share with you. I was so focused on how to get out of that “puddle” which went on for about a mile. I was about a quarter-mile in when I realized, I need to get out of there. Suffice to say, the under carriage of my Honda is now clean, and I really do dislike going in reverse! Once I got back to dry roads, Glenn took over driving. We hit a few more questionable spots and a couple roads already closed due to the rain. We traveled through the State Game Lands, just north of the Gallitzin State Forest. The water flowed on either side. It was both beautiful and potentially dangerous.

WP_20180910_16_13_41_ProPotentially dangerous. We stopped at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial next since it was on our way through. The reservoir was originally a water supply area for the Pennsylvania Mainline Canal. The dam was completed in 1853. The South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club bought the lake and the South Fork Dam in 1879 as a summer retreat for their prestigious members. Townspeople were hesitant about the dam, nervous about its safety. The South Fork Club assured everyone it was safe. Then on 31 May 1889, the lake had swelled after an evening of heavy rains. The South Fork Club tried to save the dam but the water crested and the force was too strong. That afternoon, the dam broke. In less than an hour, the wave traveled at 40 miles per hour and quickly overtook the town below. The people there had little or no warnings. Over 2,000 died that day and thousands more were injured.

Today, the sun is momentarily out here in Johnstown. We hope to get out and see some sights and just enjoy the day both today and tomorrow, before hitting the road again to head for the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs.

Special thanks – and shout out – to Flo with Abagayle’s Travel Agency. She is based out of Lititz, PA, but has clients throughout the country. I use her for most of our travel needs. If you have travel needs, connect with her.

Until next journey …

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