By Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

cherry-tomato-plant-146147There is a time to plant and a time to harvest. Mid to late July is a time to plant if you are looking for fall crops. Now is the perfect time to plant eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes.

The Farmers’ Almanac points out that it is a good time to plant fall crops which will bear aboveground. In other words, plant veggies that grow above the ground. The Almanac also notes it is a good time to sow those forage crops as well as any grains.

Both tomatoes and peppers require six to eight hours of sunlight. When planting, loosed the soil and mix your soil with compost or peat moss. Also consider using a fertilizer like Espoma’s Tomato Tone to help nourish your tomatoes and field against diseases specific to tomatoes. The Tomato Tone can be used now as part of the soil preparation and again as a fertilizer.

Happy gardening!

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