Winter Preview

WINTER_2017smallWinter brings us into our second year of publication! Thank you – all of our readers, advertisers, advisors, and others – who have each helped make this a reality.

One special person I would like to thank is my contact person at our printer (DavCo in Kinzers, Lancaster County). Bob Moore was my contact person for the initial stages to the first printing and on up through our fourth print. Essentially, he saw us through our first year. He was so helpful and so patient with me. Bob is retiring this winter and I just wanted to give a shout out and say how much I appreciated him. Enjoy your retirement!

In some instances, we did not move as fast as I would have liked our first year. Some things took longer to establish than I expected. Other avenues opened a lot faster than expected – like Barnes & Noble! Last issue, we got into select Barnes & Noble and Books A Million Stores! What a way to end our first year, right? I had asked for feedback – via Facebook, Twitter, at various shows and events – and so many of you gave some great ideas. You will see some subtle changes in this Winter issue. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on some other great new things.

This issue – our fifth issue – is full of information to help you beat those winter blues holistically. From lip balms and aromatherapy, to reiki, to yoga, and fitness, we have you covered. Brittany Morris, a yoga instructor in Felton (York County), wrote about yoga and about meditation. Her meditation article provides helpful advice to keep your inner peace during this crazy holiday season. Her yoga article and Chad Fransisco’s article on setting realistic fitness goals, are both sure to help us all keep those New Year Resolutions.

Gardeners and herbalists are sure to love Sue Morris’ Planting by the Moon. She explains the significance of lunar cycles and applies it to gardening. Emma Cate did an excellent job explaining Crystals and Deep Meditation. Taylor Miles introduces us to some CSA farms and I’d like to continue to highlight various CSAs. The Spring issue will include herbal CSAs so please do send us information about your favorite CSA or one you want to go to but just haven’t had the time.

I wish I could single out every single article. Sadly though, space does not permit that, even here on the web. I do encourage you to pick up a copy or buy a subscription and read each and every article. Everyone did a fantastic job.

As always, whether you are new to the holistic and self-sustaining lifestyle, or an expert in a related field, I am so glad you’ve joined us for this exciting journey. Our mission is to be your Go To Resource for all things of mind, body, and spirit. We are dedicated to promoting a more natural, therapeutic, and sustainable way of life.

To Our Health!

~ Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman