This year was quite an adventure for Therapeutic Thymes! Thank you to everyone we met and connected with throughout the year. We’ve put together a short 13 question quiz for all of you. Why 13? Well, it is my lucky number, plus we are setting the standard here for next year’s quiz! Good luck.

  1. When did Therapeutic Thymes debut in print?
  2. When is the 19th Annual Pennsylvania Herb & Garden Festival?
  3. What crystal stimulates metabolism and blood flow?
  4. What should you smudge your crystal with to clean it?
  5. Does the FDA regulate nutritional supplements?
  6. What is Reiki?
  7. Citric essential oils are an example of which type of notes?
  8. Where is Terram Olei located?
  9. In relation to gardening, what zone is Pennsylvania?
  10. What is the best form of pest control?
  11. What herb can be used to treat respiratory infections?
  12. What part of the brain does art therapy activate?
  13. When making a body scrub, when do you add color?

final-winterHow do you think you did? All the answers can be found in the Winter 2016 issue of Therapeutic Thymes. It is not too late to order your subscription. You can also pick up a copy at our distribution outlets!


  1. December 2016
  2. 7 & 8 April 2017
  3. Carnelian
  4. The smoke of white sage.
  5. Yes and no. The FDA regulates marketing and labeling but it does not test to ensure content.
  6. Reiki is essentially the life energy of everything. It helps to balance your energy fields.
  7. Citric essential oils are top notes.
  8. Terram Olei is located at the Columbia Market House in Columbia. By the way, you can pick up a copy of Therapeutic Thymes there!
  9. Pennsylvania is in Zone 6.
  10. Bats, birds, and flowers are the best form of pest control.
  11. Thyme has many medicinal uses, including respiratory infections.
  12. Art therapy activates the regions of the brain that are associated with emotion and cognition.
  13. When adding color to your body scrub, you should add a couple drops of color to your Epsom salt before mixing all the ingredients.


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