Jeanne’s Journeys: Solomons, Maryland

WP_20181027_08_04_35_ProThis past weekend, we loaded up the Honda and headed South for Illuminate Solomon. The show was held in Solomon, Maryland at the Hilton. The Illuminate Festivals are always a great show for Mind, Body, & Spirit entities. This was the second year there for the show. Judy and her staff do a great job putting on these shows.

It was our first time attending in Solomon, Maryland. Years ago, when our oldest – Mary – was just little, we used to live just North the Mason-Dixon and so hopping over the line for something was not unusual. She used to think the state was actually named after her! But I digressed …

WP_20181028_10_00_50_ProLocated in Calvert County, Solomon’s sits where the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay meet. Solomon’s Island is a beautiful area with a long history, dating well back to the late 1600’s. At that time, it was known as Bourne’s Island. It was not until 1870, when a prominent businessman from Baltimore named Isaac Solomon, advertised his canning operation, located there, as “Solomon’s Island”, that the US Postal Service officially recognized it as such. Understandably so, Solomon’s became known for its shipbuilding, ship repair, and seafood industries. Today, there are seafood restaurants scattered across the Island.

Inner Equinox
Inner Equinox

Friday night, after we checked in at the Hilton, we checked out the lone metaphysical shop on the Island. Inner Equinox. Incredible shop. Great staff. This unique little shop sells crystals, tarot cards, holistic jewelry, essential oils, smudges, tapestry, statues, candles, and more. They also have some touristy things for sale. Given their location just off the Bay, this was not surprising at all. In addition to the retail shop, they also offer a number of services and readings. For a full list, please do check them out on Facebook. They were also at the Illuminate Solomon show and are now our newest carrier! If you missed us at the show, stop in at 14560 Solomons Island Rd. S, in Solomons to pick up your copy.


Saturday, after the show, we had dinner at Kingfishers. The food was excellent. Just the right serving sizes. I had ½ pound shrimp. Glenn had bourbon salmon with asparagus and crunchy onions and brussels sprouts. The flavors complemented each other perfectly. Both of us had cup of shrimp chowder. OMG delicious. Only thing that would have made dinner more perfect would have been had we got there before dark since we were seated at the window to the bay. Server Alexis absolutely great too. Chef Andrew or was he manager came out very friendly. Said this was a new menu too. Check them out virtually at:

Had we had more time, I would have loved to check out some of the other sites. Also on the Island is the Annmarie Garden & Arts Center. This is a sculpture garden along a wooded area near St. Johns Creek. In a future issue, I would like to feature garden art and thought the sculptures would make incredible photos, but they have pretty strict photography regulations so – to be honest – I didn’t even try to see this one. Other places on the “next time” list are: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary, he Calvert Cliffs State Park, and (for the hubby) the Spaceflight America Museum and Science Center in nearby Prince Frederick.

This weekend, we’re off to Hamburg, PA. Hamburg is named after Hamburg, Germany. We’ll be there for the annual Fall Inner Peace Holistic Expo, held at the Fieldhouse.

Until then …

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Author: Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman