LEMOYNE, PA – The PA State Grange is presenting a program on Rural Broadband Access at the PA Farm Show today (11 January). Its focus is to discuss what steps can be taken to ensure that rural Pennsylvania has the same access to Internet and cell phone service as do urban and suburban citizens. Earlier this week, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order recognizing the need to “promote better access to broadband internet service in rural America” as well.

“This addresses a critical need for rural Pennsylvania”, said PA State Grange President Wayne Campbell. “Telemedicine may be a great way to reach rural areas but is almost useless if you don’t have the technology to go with it. Computers in the classroom is a great idea, but if kids have no Internet access at home, that resource is wasted. Rural commerce is stymied without access to those technology tools everyone else has. That is why Broadband Internet access is a top Grange legislative priority”

Presenters include: Mark Critz, Governor’s Rural Development Council Executive Director; Bev Gruber representing the PA Campgrounds Association; Betsy Huber, President of the National Grange and member of the Federal Communications Commission Advisory Committee for Broadband; Regina Matz, Esq. representing Public Utility Commission (PUC) Commissioner David Sweet; PA State Representative Kristin Phillips-Hill from York County who has introduced a package of Broadband bills; and Steve Samara, President of the PA Telephone Association.

The event will be moderated by PA Grange Director of Legislative Affairs Vince Phillips. The general public is encouraged to attend. The event is not just for members of the PA State Grange.

PA State Grange was founded in 1873 as an organization seeking to promote the interests of rural Pennsylvanians and to improve their lives economically and through strengthening the social fabric of their communities. The Grange’s presentation will take place in the Monongahela Room, second floor, Farm Show Complex Maclay Street entrance from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

For more information on the National Broadband Plan, visit: http://www.broadband.gov/rural_areas.html. Click HERE to view the President’s Executive Order.

Editor’s Note: The above is from a press release from the PA Grange and the White House.

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