The Current Issue

Summer 2020 Issue #15

A Journey to Wellness By Kim Smyth
The Journey from Modern Medicine to Holistic Medicine By Sophia Harmes, Ph.D.
An Aromatic Journey By Giovana & Gabrielle Grumelli
Crystal Visions: Harnessing the Sun By Emma Cate
Are You Prepared? By Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D. CAHA, and Tracy Lake, MH, RYT 200, VAT
Mortar & Pestle: Journeying Back to the Old Ways By Pamela Ruane, MHS, PA-C, Ph.D.
Elderberry Syrup: A Simple Remedy for Colds and Flu By Laura Shanahan, MSPT
Time to Grow Your Medicine Garden By Sue J Morris
Life Changing Travel By Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D. CAHA
A Journey Back in Time to Egypt By Raghda Maksound
How to Have a Retreat of the Mind By Brittney Morris
The Benefits of Shamanic Journeying By Eagle Skyfire
How to Venture on a Shamanic Journey By Sharon Muzio, RN
Journeys Shared Featuring: Judy Bazis, Rosemary Gladstar, Katherine Hart, Mary Kalbach, Jessamina Lanzilotta, Julie Moffitt, Maren Morgan, and Maia Toll
Dimensional Reality Shift of Collective Awakening By Dr. Christina Watts, CCH