The Current Issue

Welcome to our Spring 2024 Issue. The theme throughout this issue is “Mental Health.”

Articles include:
Materia Medica: Plantain (Plantago major) by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman
Explore the plantain herb’s facets, from cultivation to magikal uses.

• Why Choose Heirloom Seeds by Jacqueline Bider
Uncover the benefits of preserving genetic diversity in gardening for a sustainable future.

The Case for Meat by Chuck Kruse
Delve into the nutritional richness of meat, understanding its impact on mental health.

Could Your Healthy Foods be Stressing You Out? by Sally K. Norton, MPH
Investigate the potential mental health impact of oxalates in seemingly healthy foods.

Turning on the Light by Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D., CAHA
Gain insights and suggestions for navigating depression, finding light in challenging times.

Brighid’s Astro Planner by Astrology by Brigid
Your guide to celestial events in 2024, with journaling prompts based on your zodiac sign.

Our Creative Self by Asha Scatchard
Embrace mindfulness as the creator of your experiences, understanding the power of conscious thoughts.

As always, whether you are new to the natural, holistic, and self-sustaining lifestyle, or an expert in a related field, I am so glad you joined us on this exciting journey. Grab a cup of your favorite tea and join us a spell.

Spring 2024 Issue

A Focus on Mental Health | Spring 2024 #30

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