The Current Issue

Summer 2021 Issue #19
Celebrating the Sun and Earth
          • * Summer – A Celebration of Sun and Earth  By Sophia Harmes, Ph.D.
            * The Sacred Marriage of Sun and Earth  By Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D. CAHA
            * The Sun/Earth Relationship in Your Birth Chart By Jill Jablonski
            * Using Art as Art Therapy By Gita Rash
            * Unearth Your Layers of Perfect Imperfection  By Christina Cay Watts
            * Treating Pain with Infused Herbal Oils By Bhoomika Pathak
            * Flower Essence for a Dynamic Solstice By Dina Saalisi
            * Materia Medica: (Aloe) By Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman
            * Exploring the Rhythms that Create Space for More By Brittney Morris
            * Summer Recipes.


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