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Summer 2022 Issue 23

Welcome to our Summer 2022 Issue. The theme throughout this issue is Holistic Getaways.

The need to getaway, to regain balance, hits us all from time to time. Life can be overwhelming and there is no shame in admitting we need “me” time. The stress of daily life, whatever your stress and anxieties may be, is something we need to let go of; it no longer serves us. Thank that anxiety or stress for the lessons learned and let it go.

A holistic getaway essentially has three components, though it can vary from person to person. We talk often of “mind, body, and spirit” and those three components have a place in a holistic getaway. Meditation is a common activity at retreats and holistic getaways.

Other activities could include hiking or yoga or even fly fishing! The common aspect is that everything is related and intertwined. A getaway or a retreat is designed to bring balance back into our lives.

We will again host the Midsummer Holistic Expo in July. As always, whether you are new to the natural, holistic, and self-sustaining lifestyle, or an expert in a related field, I am so glad you joined us on this exciting journey. Grab a cup of your favorite tea and join us a spell.

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