The Current Issue

Winter 2021 Issue 21

Welcome to our Spring 2022 Issue. The theme throughout this issue is Rejuvenation I needed some rejuvenation. I was feeling … lost and … tired. I had lost my purpose. Rejuvenation is a noun, which means the action or process of giving new energy or vigor to something. New energy. Vigor. We have some great plans. Garden Thyme is back. Book Thyme will continue. We will again host the Midsummer Holistic Expo in July. As always, whether you are new to the natural, holistic, and self-sustaining lifestyle, or an expert in a related field, I am so glad you joined us on this exciting journey. Grab a cup of your favorite tea and join us a spell.

*As Simple As Silence … By Cyndi Ball
*Nadam: Embracing the Sound of Silence By Brittney Morris
* A Soulful Purpose By Gita Rash
*Six Best Herbs for Your Immune System By Daniel Powers
*Materia Medica: Catnip By Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman
*Soul Journey of Letting Go Crystal Healing Layout for Renewed Energy BY Dr. Moon Eir, CCH “The Divine Medium”
*Temperance: Rejuvenation Through Balance By Mary K Mannix
*Enhancing Your Life by Preparing Your Death By Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D., CAHA

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