The Current Issue

Winter 2020 Issue #17
          • COVID-19 Power Packs By Laura Shanahan, MSPT
          • Faith and Fitness: Where Yoga and Physical Fitness Meets Spiritual Fitness By Brittney Morris
          • You Can Learn A Lot From A Bee By David & Jodie Combs
          • The Importance of Traditions By Sophia Harmes, Ph.D.
          • Introduction to the Tradition of Tarot By Mary Mannix
          • Traditions in a Non-Traditional Time: Thanks, Coyote By Dana Jefferson, C.Ht., Ph.D., CAHA
          • Flying Reindeer, Mushrooms, Shamans, and the Herbal Backstory By Sue J. Morris
          • Start the New Year Off Right with Keto Drinks and Snacks By Kim Smythe
          • The Tradition of Herb Guilds By Grace Remolino
          • Tradition of Smoke Cleansing By Jill Jablonski, CSC, CLC, CRC, CCH, RM
          • Materia Medica (Sage) By Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman


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