Starting out

Everyone has to start somewhere and, since Therapeutic Thymes is also just starting out in its zine form, it makes sense that June’s theme is Starting Out. So, this month we will touch on the basics.

essential-oils-medical-flowers-herbs-herb-46629883There are three different ways to use essential oil, regardless of the type. They are topically, internally, and aromatically. Not all oils should be used in each manner so always be sure to read labels or product information.

Topically is quite simply on the skin. Some oils require dilution and some can be used directly on the skin. Two to three drops should normally suffice in this application. Where should you apply the oil? Common locations are the crown of your head, the temples (especially if you have a headache), behind the ears, your neck, the back, the abdomen, your feet and ankles, and basically anywhere you have skin! If there is a specific issue (like a muscle spasm) then you should massage the oil in overtop that muscle group. For example, I fell at work awhile back. When I got home, I massaged (ok, my husband did since I can’t reach there!) Marjoram Essential Oil over that muscle group. The fall was hard and it took several repeats over the next week but the spasms subsided and I was able to work through the pain.

cup-tea-herbs-2657515Cooking or tea is usually the most common method of internal application. Both lemon oil and peppermint oil are great to add to various recipes. Run out of the herb basil? Then use a couple drops of basil oil.

Each oil also has a different value in regards to aromatherapy. This means when you use a diffuser, not every oil will have the same effect. Lavender is one of the most popular oils because of its relaxing nature. Trying to concentrate? Then try rosemary.

These three methods of using essential oils may get you started but check back soon for more Starting Out Tips!

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