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A quarterly magazine dedicated to promoting a more natural, therapeutic, and sustainable way of life.

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Summer 2020 Issue #15


Dealing With Change, Adapting, & Adjusting; A Journey to Wellness; Journey from Modern Medicine to Holistic Medicine; An Aromatic Journey; Crystal Visions: Harnessing the Sun; Are You Prepared?; Mortar & Pestle: Journeying Back to the Old Ways; Elderberry Syrup: A Simple Remedy for Colds and Flu; Time to Grow Your Medicine Garden; Life Changing Travel; A Journey Back in Time to Egypt; How to Have a Retreat of the Mind; The Benefits of Shamanic Journeying; How to Venture on a Shamanic Journey; and Dimensional Reality Shift of Collective Awakening.

Enjoy a special “Journeys Shared” featuring: Judy Bazis, Rosemary Gladstar, Katherine Hart, Mary Kalbach, Jessamina Lanzilotta, Julie Moffitt, Maren Morgan, and Maia Toll.

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